Why You Should Have Extra Floor Mats On Hand

Many car owners never even think about buying an extra set of Corvette floor mats. Instead, they might think that the floor mats that are already installed in their car will do the job just fine. Buying a few extra sets of floor mats and keeping them stored in your garage or elsewhere is smart, though. Here's why you'll want to have some extra floor mats on hand if you're a car owner. Read More 

Classic Headlight Restoration Will Get You Noticed

Are you trying to get noticed in your new car but can't seem to turn any heads? That might be because your headlights are not engaging. Too few people pay attention to the style importance of headlights and ignore the benefits of classic headlights. That's why it's a good idea to get these lights restored and added to your car. Headlights Are the First Thing Noticed on a Car Read More 

Restoring An Older Car: Rust Removal And Prevention Tips

Restoring an older car can be a fun and rewarding project, but you my run into problems with rust. Fortunately, there are things you can do to remove rust that has already formed and prevent the vehicle from rusting more. Use these tips as you begin restoring your vintage car to keep it looking its best. Rust Removal If the body of the vehicle has surface rust, it can be removed by gently scraping away larger portions of the rust. Read More 

Tips For Adding Deceleration Lights To Your Cargo Trailer

Having deceleration lights on the back of your truck is essential for ensuring your safety and complying with the applicable traffic regulations. However, many cargo trailers will not have these lights equipped, and this will need to be an upgrade that you make to the vehicle. Avoid Wiring The Lights Yourself It is a common mistake for truck drivers to attempt to wire their vehicle deceleration warning lamps themselves. While this may seem like it will be an easy upgrade to make, working with the electrical system of your vehicle can be a fairly dangerous task. Read More 

Invisible Bras Ideal For Complete Exterior Vehicle Protection And More

If you are a person who values your vehicle, you likely take preventative measures to ensure that it is protected against mechanical failures. You may also do your best to protect it against exterior damage too. Even with the best precautions, it is possible for vehicles to get scratches and other blemishes from bug stains, bird droppings, dirt, and pebbles. The following points will help you to understand how an invisible bra can be beneficial and protect your car's paint finish. Read More